Create customer loyalty and increase your sales at low price

Whether it be for customers or prospects, sending emailing campaigns or newsletters is a strong asset for your marketing strategy. Announce your new products, provide customised offers answering your recipients' wishes and offer them products/services that will interest them to increase your conversions that way.

From managed campaigns to independent sendings

Do you wish to fully delegate the sending of newsletters? Our team will know how to advise and assist you with this task by technically developing your ideas. The sendings will then be carried out to your customer file the moment you want it to. Moreover, you will be able to follow several statistics (reading rates, unsubscribing rates, spam reports rates or clic rates) allowing you to improve your newsletters on a day to day basis to make them more efficient.

Do you have heavy capacity needs or do you wish to handle the sendings from a safe and efficient email infrastructure yourself? We can grant you one or several servers to proceed to your sendings in the best conditions.

An optimal deliverability rate

The main difficulty with mass mailing is not to be considered as a spammer and to avoid having the sent emails ending up in the spam.

To solve this problem, we do everything we can to meet the current requirements when it comes to authentification and securing the sent emails. Once authenticated, the recipients will have more chance to get your information.