Create customer loyalty and increase your sales

Increase your sales by sending your customers customised offers that they will definitely read. When the reading rate is close to 30% on average for a mailing campaign, the SMS campaign enables you to reach a reading rate higher than 95% (depending on your customer file).

Whether it be through telemarketing by sending your contacts offers in order to sell, or through creating customer loyalty by offering your customers the possibility to follow the state of progress of a task, the delivery of an SMS will have a ROI (Return On Investment) a lot higher than the other marketing campaigns.

Customise the sender to have SMS that reflects who you are

Moreover, the SMS campaign will allow you to identify your brand/product in the blink of an eye.

By sending your SMS by the way of an alphanumeric sender, your contacts will think they have your company within their contact book when they'll see your name displayed as the sender.

Sliding price scale

The more you send, the lower the unit price of our SMS.

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The advantages of Decanet

Customise sender*
SMS delivery guarantee
SMS reports in real time
STOP SMS* management
No expiry of the SMS credit balance
A clear price scale for each destination
A unique credit balance for every country
Sliding price scale
226 countries covered
With no obligation
API supplied

*Not available for every destination

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