Surveillance of your server 24/7

Outsourcing of dedicated servers

By entrusting us with the outsourcing of your dedicated server, we place it in our monitoring system. That way, the key services of your server are supervised and our team is automatically warned as soon as a failure is detected. For that matter, we detect in a lot of cases warning signs of a failure and we are able to take action before the incident reaches your customers.

You will also have access to all of the detected problems at all time from the Decanet Customer Area, as well as the time it took to solve them, charts and sets of average measuring the various services of your server in order to guarantee a maximum of transparency regarding the state of your device as part of outsourcing.

A tool suite adapted to the outsourcing of your device

In order to ensure a service as efficient as possible, our teams have not only passed several certifications, we also have invested in quite a number of tools optimising each crucial step of outsourcing. As an example, we possess an efficient infrastructure that will watch the important elements of your device at any minute or hour of the year to then warn our team if there were a problem. We also possess secured storage space that we can use for the back-ups of your data.

Outsourcing of dedicated servers

Because we want to master as best as possible the tools that are used as part of our outsourcing, we are therefore led to internally develop proprietary solutions combining performances and safety, like in the case of our own backup plan.

Partenaire OVHcloud

Decanet est OVH Standard Partner

Notre équipe, partenaire d'OVHcloud agréé, est techniquement apte à vendre, intégrer, travailler et maintenir les produits de l'hébergeur roubaisien. Nous disposons à ce titre de contacts privilégiés et directs avec l'équipe OVHcloud pour vous permettre un gain de temps dans le rétablissement de votre machine suite à une panne matérielle ou réseau.

Cisco CCNA

Certification Cisco CCNA

Our network administrators have Cisco CCNA certifications that make them fit to take action on the network equipments of your infrastructure.

The advantages of Decanet

OVH partner
Surveillance of your server 24/7
No hidden fees
R&D department for the development of our tools
Audit of your system included and advice
Possibility to contact us through livechat, email, fax and phone call (cost of a non-surcharged call)
Possibility to set a direct debit up at the end of each month


24 months excluding tax


  • +99€ Installation fees
  • -
  • Introductory offer
  • 1 IP
  • 1h/month


24 months excluding tax


  • 105€ (excluding tax)/month
  • 110€ (excluding tax)/month
  • Host/Heavy traffic
  • 5 IPs
  • 3h/month
* Espace de stockage distant utilisable pour la copie distante des sauvegardes du serveur. Non garanti, il peut être remplacé par un serveur de stockage mis à disposition par le client.